Maharaja Sadul Singhji of Bikaner

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Maharaja Sri Sadul Singhji


7th Sept. 1902


25th Sept. 1950

Parents :

General His Highness Maharaja Ganga Singhji Bahadur & Hir Highness Maharani Sri Vallabh Kumariji (Princess of Pratapgarh State)

Brother & Sister :

  • Maharaj Kumar Bijey Singhji
  • Princess Chand Kanwar
  • Princess Shiv Kanwar

Married :

Princess Sudarshan Kumariji, daughter of Maharaja Venkatraman Singhji of Rewa on 18-4-1922.

Sons :

  • Prince Karni Singhji born on 21st April 1921.
  • Prince Amar Singhji Bahadur born on 11th. Dec.1925.

Daughter :

Princess Sushila Kumariji born on 21st April 1923.

Administrative Training :

Under the able guidance of his illustrious father, Maharaja Sri Ganga Singhji, he was given practical training of the working of all spheres of administration at all levels including independent charge of that of a Cabinet Minister.

Also accompanied his father in important Imperial and International conferences including the peace treaty at Versailles (1919) and the League of Nations Session etc. Ascended throne Succeeded his father as Maharaja of Bikaner on 2nd Feb. 1943. His Highness’ first act as Ruler was to dedicate himself to the service of his people. The Motto which he adopted on his “Raj Tilak” (Accession) was “Proja-Hit-Vratino Vayam” (I have dedicated my life to the service of my people.) Some of the many important reforms and measures beneficial to the state and people of Bikaner are mentioned here under.

Five Year Programme of Development :

  1. Commerce and Industries including Mines and Minerals and banking.
  2. Rural Uplift including Cottage Industries, Agriculture, A forestation and Plantation of Trees, Animal Husbandry.
  3. Town Planning in Capital and Districts.
  4. Expansion of Education and granting of several scholarships for higher educations in general and technical subjects both in India and abroad.
  5. Expansion of medical relief and Ayurvedic System.
  6. Public Health and Sanitation.
  7. Improvement of Agriculture by modern scientific methods.
  8. Creation of public welfare department.

On the eve of Independence he gave lead to his brother Princes in joining the constituent assembly and played significant role for the unification of the country. Travels abroad Visited Middle East War front in the year 1943 during Second World War and visited the Sadul Light Infantry Stationed in Persia, the 49 (Bikaner) G.P.T. Company in Iraq as well as certain other units of other State forces and imperial and Allied Troops including the 4th Indian Division and the 31st Indian Armoured Division. On his way back to Bikaner he visited the Ganga Risala, then stationed in Sind for Hur operations. In November 1944, he proceeded to the Assam-Burma war theatre where the Bijay Battery was engaged in active operations against the Japanese. Honour & Titles Lt. General His Highness Maharajadhiraj Rajrajeshwar Narendra Shiromani Maharaja Sri Sadul Singhji Bahadur, G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., C.V.O. Maharaja of Bikaner. Knight Grand Commander of the order of St. John of Jerusalem.